Abstract: in today ‘s market environment, there are many problems with procurement logistics. Providing the enterprise with goods, timely purchase of them in the necessary quantity, quality and assortment affects the activity of the enterprise, and eventually, the needs of consumers are met. How much these needs will be met depends on profit – the main goal of any trading company.

The relevance of the selected topic of the study is determined by the fact that the organization of procurement logistics, market management of material (commodity) flows is currently one of the most important stages in the activity of the commercial enterprise. The management of procurement, the competent resolution of problems related to it, depends on the satisfaction of the needs of consumers, and for the enterprise – profit, market share, competitiveness.

The article emphasizes the importance of correct selection of the supplier as the most important element of procurement logistics in the enterprise. The main common methods of supplier selection are the method of rating ratings, costs, dominant characteristics, preferences and quality system audit. They have the advantages of using them for the enterprise.

The developed author’s methodology of supplier evaluation, which offers a comprehensive assessment, including the economic, social efficiency of the supplier and the quality of its service, allows to expand the understanding of supplier selection methods and is practical.

Keywords: dominant characteristics, costs, purchasing logistics, preference categories, suppliers, ratings, resources