Abstract: this article discusses the most important part of the formation of any project requiring financial and other costs of different levels, developing a business plan. This work aims to encourage all entrepreneurs and start businesses, be sure to use this information in their work and be prepared for a variety of nuances that may appear in process. The main goal of the innovative project business planning is to provide a comprehensive and systematic assessment of all project prospects. The business plan will be successful in meeting three criteria: the presence of promising scientific idea, high level of its scientific elaboration and proximity to commercial implementation. In this paper the essence and purpose of the business plan and the important moments of communication with investors to harmonization are disclosed in detail. In the article it is determined that to assess the risk of the business plan of the innovative project it is necessary to determine the degree of research and development; the presence of market strategy and marketing research. As a result of the research, it can be concluded that any business plan is a way to build an objective assessment of the effectiveness of the developed business idea.

Keywords: business idea, innovation, project, risk, planning, activity