Abstract: ways to improve the efficiency of management, the best life hacks from the guru of management are relevant especially today, when many economists predict the next world crisis, based on the theory of economic cycles of Clement Juliard (medium-term cycle of 7-12 years). You can make sure: the Russian default in 1998, the financial and economic crisis of 2008-2010 in Russia. Economists predict a crisis in 2020-2021. Just as in natural selection the fittest survives, so after each crisis the best, polished management strategies remain. This article discusses the problem of enterprise management from the point of view of the concept of “life cycle of the company”. The purpose of the article is a comprehensive study of the main ideas and the evolution of ideas about a universal life cycle model that takes into account all the features of the company’s development and the main management recommendations at each stage of the life cycle. The goal identified the following tasks: to study the work of researchers of life cycle models and understand how they are universal and applicable at the present time.  During the study of life cycle models, methods of logical and statistical analysis were used. This direction is also supplemented by a review of the life expectancy of companies in the world. The article summarizes the data of statistical studies that indicate a significant decrease in the average life expectancy of companies. The question of how to implement theoretical (research) achievements in the field of management on the issue of life cycle models of enterprises, how to implement the best recommendations of scientists in practice, including to increase the average life expectancy of companies, continues to be debated.

Keywords: company life cycle, enterprise management