Abstract: the purpose of the article is to study the automation of the inventory management process in order to improve its efficiency. In the course of the study, several tasks were solved, namely, reserves were characterized as an object of management in supply chains; the process of inventory management in supply chains was described; a comparison of software products for automation of inventory management was carried out; the financial and economic characteristics of JSC «Sudzhansky oil plant» were given; the inventory management system of JSC « Sudzhansky oil plant» was considered; the development of a project for the implementation of a corporate information system to improve inventory management. The object of study – inventory management of JSC « Sudzhansky oil plant». Subject of research – automation of stock management of JSC « Sudzhansky oil plant». The relevance of the topic is due to the fact that inventory management is a complex process that requires many factors. Inventory management covers the activities of the warehouse, production, and interaction with suppliers (in terms of inventory management of raw materials and goods) and buyers (in inventory management of finished products and goods). Currently, powerful automated systems were developed to solve this problem, without which it is quite difficult to do – but not all enterprises have already implemented them. The scientific novelty of the work consists in the generalization and systematization of theoretical and methodological provisions relating to the automation of inventory management, as well as in a critical analysis of the existing inventory management system of JSC «Sudzhansky oil plant». The practical significance of the work is due to the developed recommendations for automation, the economic efficiency of which is confirmed by calculations.

Keywords: automation, management process, inventory management, management efficiency, management model, optimal inventory size, dairy production, ERP-system, resource management