Abstract: the competitive advantage of Russian industrial organizations in modern conditions can be achieved while achieving high product quality and low production costs. The modern concept of lean manufacturing considers the introduction of new management principles based on the constant refinement of the real value of the product, continuous optimization of the value stream, ensuring the very continuity of the value stream, creating conditions for the consumer to «pull out» the product. The purpose of the article is to apply the technology of the project lean-management to optimize the production process of the company «Kurskrezinotekhnika». To achieve this goal, it is necessary to solve a number of tasks: to study the theoretical aspects of project lean-management; to study the tools of lean manufacturing as elements of the lean system; to analyze the activities of the company «Kurskrezinotekhnika»; to calculate the main indicators characterizing the development of the company JSC «Kurskrezinotekhnika»; to analyze the production process of the company «Kurskrezinotekhnika»; to identify bottlenecks in the production process of a conveyor belt by constructing a value stream map; to make recommendations on the use of lean manufacturing tools. Object of study: the production process of the conveyor belt of JSC «Kurskrezinotekhnika». Subject of research: the technology of project lean-management in the activities of the company «Kurskrezinotekhnika». Used research methods: analysis, synthesis, description, classification of data. The theoretical and methodological base is the work of domestic and foreign scientists in the field of practical and theoretical lean production.

Keywords: project management, lean management, project management technology, lean manufacturing, lean manufacturing tools, value stream, organization management