Abstract: the article deals with the problems affecting the formation of the innovative potential of the region, the influence of innovative activity of organizations on labor productivity has also been investigated. The topicality of the problem is due to the need for creating conditions for encouraging organizations and regions to innovate, to increase the share of innovative goods in the total volume of produced products, i.e. commercialization innovations, their implementation in production.

The aim of the article is to study the conditions affecting the formation of indirect instruments to support the stimulation of innovative activity of the organization, the creation of innovative infrastructure at the regional level. The methodology of the study was analytical, the main focus of the author is on the study of the introduction of the results of innovation into production. The analysis of labor productivity according to the data of 2016 in the world economy, as well as sources of financing of innovation activity for the period from 2014 to 2018 in Russia was carried out. The dynamics and structure of domestic costs for research and development by sources of financing was presented. The author of the article proposed schemes to minimize risks of the entrepreneur developing or introducing innovative products, formation of assets of the innovative organization, as well as application of the guarantee fund.

The results of the study will be useful to a wide range of researchers involved in the formation and use of innovative capacities of organizations and regions.

Keywords: GDP, GRP, expenses, investment potential, innovations, innovative activity, labor productivity, financial support