Abstract: in recent years, issues related to the development of a strategy for the development of educational institutions became increasingly important in Russia, because with the development of the educational services market, universities became the active participants in market relations. This article is a review of the scientific literature on the problem of strategic management of institutions of higher education, published in Russian for the period from 1998 to 2013. The study is based on the analysis of scientific, methodological and organizational prerequisites for the transition to the strategic management of universities. On the basis of generalization scientific literature the levels of comprehension, the main concepts, stages and technologies of the strategic management of higher education were identified, with the aim of its competitiveness and improving the quality of education. The authors note that universities in modern conditions have become the object of implementation and application of the basic mechanisms of management and market control. In this regard, the researchers presented the main strategies and ways for the transition of Russian universities to a new type of organization built on the principles of strategic management, which are presented in modern literature. The article contains a new and poorly presented in the Russian scientific literature comprehensive review of theories and practices on the strategic management of universities, including making management decisions. The described methodologies and approaches should contribute to the development of the most appropriate management strategies in a university context.

Keywords: university, administration, strategic managment, university administration, university managment, higher education