Abstract: the purpose of the research is to review the main approaches and practices used in the company «KONTI-RUS» in managing the project of social responsibility formation, as well as their integrated assessment and analysis. To achieve the goal of the study, the following tasks were set: to consider the concept and main approaches to the definition of social responsibility of an organization; identify corporate social responsibility as the main element of the management of the organization; to study the main approaches used in the management of the project of formation of the social responsibility of the organization; present the main characteristics of the activities and project management of «KONTI-RUS»; study the project management process of the formation of social responsibility of «KONTI-RUS»; analyze the main indicators for assessing the quality of management of the project of the formation of social responsibility of «KONTI-RUS». The object of research is the main approaches and methods of project management of the formation and development of social responsibility of JSC «KONTI-RUS». The subject of the research work is economic, social, as well as related project management activities of a commercial organization in the social sphere. The scientific novelty of the work is determined, firstly, by the fact that the research process reviewed and summarized the main provisions of modern theoretical systems and practical experience in managing the project activities of a commercial organization in the social sphere; secondly, a comprehensive mechanism was developed for process management and monitoring the implementation of the project for the formation of a socially responsible attitude of corporate structures of the organization, which contribute to the growth of competitiveness and social performance of food industry enterprises.

Keywords: corporate social responsibility, social development management, management, organization management, social efficiency, project management, social standards, management model